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Project Description
DotNet application architecture ( +
In this project, I try to creat a C# framework integrate with and
This framework is seperated into four layers:

1 DomainObject: This is entity layer.
2 InfrastructureService: This is DAO layer
3 DomainService: This is a simple logic integrate layer for DB opeartion. Developer can define self logic in this layer.
4 AppService: This is for business logic integrate layer, any business logic can free be define in this layer.

In this framework, there is no View Layer, you can integrate any view layer into this framework.
This is just a simple version, I will upgrade in future.

Support Tool And Operation Manual
I have created a tool help to genereate the src code. Tool Download Link:
Src Code Auto Generate Tool

About the Tool operation manual, please refer to folowing link:
Tool Operation Manual

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